Every B2B SaaS company wants more customers and ultimately more revenue.

But the majority of marketing teams – even at companies of $10M+ annually recurring revenue – don’t have a predictably effective strategy for generating predictable growth.

They’re frequently investing in SEO, Paid Media, Content or Social.

But the effort is disjointed and often teams can’t connect the actions they’re taking with the results they’re getting.

The result is lumpy, erratic growth and, ultimately, an inability to connect the dots between a dollar invested in marketing and the revenue that results from it. These companies struggle to make effective marketing investments.

In this book, we’ll help senior marketing leaders at B2B SaaS companies who already have strong product-market fit and healthy marketing budgets to put their dollars to work so that they can be confident in their growth model and how that connects to the activity that their teams are taking.

While this isn’t a book for people looking to learn about the basics of SEO, Paid Media or Demand Gen, we’ll cover aspects of each of those channels wherever it’s useful and practical to do so.

It’s also not a book for pre-PMF startups or SaaS companies who aren’t looking to invest in a mix of paid and organic growth.

After reading this book you’ll have identified the high leverage actions you need to take to get from disconnected, erratic growth to a well engineered system that produces predictable growth in SaaS trials, demos and, most importantly, revenue.

Predictable Growth: How to engineer reliable B2B SaaS revenue growth with marketing

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